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When is a good time to sell?

November 17, 2015

One indication of a good time to sell is when rents have been climbing.  You’ll know this because they will hear this on the nightly news on your way to putting your coat in the closet before having your dinner.

Another good time to sell when interest rates are low as they are now.  The reason for historically low interest rates being good for selling is that there is more buyer interest and buyers can qualify for more funds and get better returns that way.  If you’ve held your building for many years, you will eventually reach a point where your tax benefits and your deductions will not produce as well as they once did.   Just liquidating to cash and maintaining cash can be a good investment.  You may not hear many brokers speaking like that, and that is one aspect that makes  working with Golden Gate Properties unique.  You see we are owners of properties too so we understand the environment of ownership in California.

A third powerful time to sell is when inventory of your kind of building is low on the market.  That sets you up to be in a position of demand.

In summary, please consider these three examples of a good time to sell and apply it to your situation.  It is true that rents have been going up for everyone so that is a universal  Moreover, interest rates are low for all individuals.  But do you know if other buildings like your own are currently on the market or not?  If your answer is no, feel free to contact us at (805) 636-0982 or contact us using our website form.

Overall, now is a unique time in that there are good reasons to sell as well as buy.  This can make for a great market to sell properties privately and efficiently.