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About Us

Golden Gate Properties helps investors make good decisions on acquisitions with residential income multifamily or hospitality properties. We also negotiate top dollar sales for existing owners.

Golden Gate Properties was founded by Dr. Robert Graf as an opportunity to aid others in their investment decision process for the most satisfying and fitting outcomes and successes.

Our mission is to help owners and investors gain the most benefit from their ownership or get a good start with a quality property if acquiring, while maintaining the highest professionalism, ethics, and integrity. We aim to be as transparent through the process as possible.

We focus our business in two areas where we have the most experience, multifamily and hospitality properties. We have thorough backgrounds in valuation of both types of investments.

Dr. Graf was trained as a scientist at UC Berkeley (AB) and University of Hawaii (Ph.D.). He holds a real estate broker’s license in the State of California.

Robert Graf recently earned the following hotel credential from Cornell University distinguishing himself in the area of hotel valuation and asset management.